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Jenifer Henslee Peck Apr 28 Product Support / Announcements

On Thursday May 7th at 4am Central time, WDT will upgrade software and configuration components on the WDT firewall system to better support high availability and enable new performance functionality. This change was scheduled earlier this year, but was cancelled due to the vendor not being appropriately ready for the change.  The vendor has made the necessary adjustments and we are ready to proceed with the upgrade.  This change is expected to result in short periods of connectivity loss for traffic going to and from the datacenter for all of WDT's products and services during a 1 hour period from 4-5am Central time. 

These brief periods of lost connectivity will occur lasting more than 5 minutes each. Long periods of outage or outage time exceeding several minutes is not expected, but users should expect connectivity loss to occur between 4:00am and 5:00am at any time during the maintenance window. WDT is working closely with the firewall vendor to assure all outages are minimized and impacts reduced.


Maintenance will be postponed if a major weather event is occurring during the outage window. 

As always, please contact support@wdtinc.com or call 1-866-429-5578 if you have any questions, or experience additional problems outside of this window.

Jenifer Henslee Peck Apr 24 Product Support / Announcements

On Friday May 15th, WDT will have maintenance performed on their office phone systems from 9 AM until 4 PM CDT. During this time support may have limited ability to accept phone calls to our support phone line. As an alternative, please contact us directly by email, support@wdtinc.com, or on Twitter, @WDTSupport. 

We expect the phone system to be up and running again after 4PM CDT. 

Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions! 


866-429-5578 | @WDTSupport