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Jenifer Henslee Peck Feb 11 Product Support / Announcements

On Thursday February 26th at 4am Central time, WDT will upgrade software and configuration components on the WDT firewall system to better support high availability. This change is expected to result in short periods of connectivity loss for TCP/IP traffic going to and from the datacenter for all of WDT's products and services during a 1 hour period from 4-5am Central time.

You may recall that on 01/29/15 we had a similar maintenance window scheduled.  The maintenance was cancelled due to a problem with the vendor configuration.  Thus, this second window is necessary to complete the maintenance.

Additionally, routine database maintenance will be conducted which will cause some servers to temporarily revert queries to read-only and standby servers.


Advanced staging and planning for this change should result in minimal downtime for the maintenance window. However, connection problems could occur while the changes are made or if unexpected issues arise.

As always, please contact support@wdtinc.com or call 1-866-429-5578 if you have any questions, or experience additional problems outside of this window.